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  • Research Exchange Seminar #2: "What is 'Nazism' for Japan Today?"

Research Exchange Seminar #2: "What is 'Nazism' for Japan Today?"

  • July 05, 2024
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Research Exchange Seminar #2

Friday, July 5, 2024 | 9:00-10:30 PM JST | 8:00-9:30 AM EDT | 1:00-2:30 PM BST


"What is 'Nazism' for Japan Today?"

Presenters: Onodera Takuya (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) & Tano Daisuke (Konan University)

Moderator: Sayaka Chatani (National University of Singapore)

In July 2023, an Iwanami booklet titled Did Nazis Do ‘Good Things’ as Well? was published in Japan. It immediately became a bestseller and won the Kinokuniya award for the most sold humanities book in 2024. Why is “Nazism” so significant for Japanese society today, and what role does it play in Japanese people’s historical consciousness? Has the importance of “Nazism” for the Japanese shifted in recent times? We have invited the authors and modern German historians, Drs. Onodera Takuya and Tano Daisuke, to this research exchange seminar to explore these questions.

The seminar will be held in Japanese, but comments and questions in English are welcome (the moderator will assist with translation).


小野寺 拓也 & 田野 大輔

モデレーター 茶谷さやか

岩波ブックレット『検証 ナチスは「良いこと」もしたのか?』は2023年7月の出版直後より多くの反響を呼び、紀伊國屋で人文系書籍一位(じんぶん大賞2024)を獲得しました。なぜこれほど「ナチス」が現在の日本社会で関心をもたれるのか、「ナチス」の歴史が日本人自身の歴史認識にとってどのような意味を持つのか、またそれが昨今の国際情勢で変わってきているのか、著者のお二人でありドイツ現代史の専門家である小野寺拓也先生と田野大輔先生にお話をうかがいます。トークは日本語で行われます。


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